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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

“Favorable” Opinion Of The Federal Government Plunges To A Record Low Of 28%

I have highlighted these polls in the past due to the fact that when support for the Federal government plunges to these sorts of levels you have a recipe for serious social problems. The worst part is that the current low approval rating for this collective of parasites and thieves in Washington D.C. is completely justified in every way imaginable. It would be one thing if the political oligarchs were changing their behavior as a result of public dissatisfaction, but in fact, it is clear they are doubling down on their corruption, lies and authoritarianism. Due to the many decades of blatant theft that they and their bankster masters have gotten away with, they simply think they can do whatever they wish and get away with it indefinitely. So they will do just that until we hit a total societal crisis, which is why I find the current situation so volatile and terrifying.



Anonymous said...

And the ignorant keep voting in office the same lying, power-hungry politicians because they promise so many a free ride. Soon the bus will be full of the free riders and no one will be left to pay the fare.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that over 50% vote for, then 20% are happy. DUH ever occur to anybody? No. Then life goes on with idiots we elect in charge.