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Monday, January 07, 2013

Maryland Live! Revenue Grows For Second Straight Month

The Maryland Live! casino in Hanover brought in $35.9 million in revenue last month, an increase of about 4.6 percent from November, according to revenue figures released today by the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency.

The state’s largest slot machine destination has generated more than $1 million a day for six of the past seven months. November revenues were $34.3 million.

The December figures indicate continued resurgence in revenue at Maryland Live! Profits increased 12.1 percent in November compared to October. But before that, profits decreased 4 percent in October compared to September; 1.3 percent in September compared to August; and 8.3 percent in August compared to July.



Anonymous said...

The big question is where are the profits going?

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo for the gambling house!

Now let's hear about how whorehouses will save Marland once it's legalized!

Plenty of jobs! Gambling and whoring!

(sarcasm for those who don't get it)

Anonymous said...

12 10

youre ridiculous and ignorant.