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Monday, January 07, 2013

Alabama Lawmaker To Introduce Bill Arming Teachers, Despite Opposition From School Officials

An Alabama lawmaker plans to introduce a bill to arm teachers and principals next week, despite the opposition of school administrators. State Rep. Kerry Rich’s (R) proposal would “allow superintendents to recommend certain principals and teachers to have guns at school” but does not seem to provide for the training necessary to handle the firearms:

“I know that teachers, probably some of them, would feel comfortable with a weapon if we put them in a safe,” said Hugh Taylor, the new DeKalb County Schools superintendent. “But you’re talking about training, and I’m afraid if we put a gun in every teacher’s classroom, that we may run into some issues. 


Anonymous said...

I bet a lot of teachers like the idea.

Anonymous said...

What would be the issue here? The NRA has already made the offer to train them in Concealed Carry for free. It would cost nothing but the cost of the gun, holster, and a thousand rounds that Homeland Security already has. I'd sign up for this, and send my kids to those participating schools.