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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Guns Across America- Maryland Rally

  • Saturday 12:00pm until 2:00pm
  • Lawyer's Mall, 100 State Circle, Annapolis, MD 

Hello patriots, brothers & sisters with arms! Please join us in support of the Second Amendment.

"Guns Across America" is a Gun Owners' Rights Rally sponsored by "Gun Control = More Crime" and the MARYLAND State Capital event will be coordinated by “Marylanders United For Gun Rights.”

Second Amendment supporters in Maryland will join forces for a national "Guns Across America" rally to be held at state capitals across the United States.

Our plans for this event is a peaceful show of support for the Second Amendment and to protest against any and all future gun control legislation that would restrict gun rights. Responsible gun owners are law abiding citizens who want to protect themselves, their families, and property. Restricting their constitutional right to bear arms will not stop gun violence; it will endanger their lives and property.

A family friendly event, the goal of the rally is to display the faces of thousands of law-abiding citizens who value the Constitution of the United States and the safeguards provided by the Second Amendment.

Petitions will be available for attendees to sign, which will be sent to their respective US Senators offices.

* This is a family-friendly event.
* We are encourage a positive image so the public & any media present sees gun owners in a positive light.
* The permit is for Guns Across America ONLY. Counter-Protestors or other organizers are not permitted in our designated demonstration area. Capital Police will be contacted immediately for any disturbances.
* We encourage that you bring American flags, Gladsen flags or other tasteful, non-offensive PRO-2 A signs however signs on STICKS are forbidden by Capital Police. NO STICKS PLEASE!
* Please do not litter - everyone is responsible for keeping grounds clean. No affixing anything on the property.
* Annapolis & State of MD LAWS-including GUN laws MUST BE FOLLOWED. Violators are responsible for their own actions. Organizers assume no liability.
* The use of electrical outlets on the property is prohibited.

Thanks & let's preserve our Second Amendment!

Marlyand Rally Facebook Page

Links For Other States


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I will not be able to attend. My flag is on a "stick" which keeps it from touching the ground. I do not wear it as a piece of clothing, either. And to be deprived of my right to be in a public place in "demonstration" of my 2A rights carrying as much as a flag on a proper flagpole is a demonstration of me admitting I have already given up my right to bear arms.
You all have a great time, though. Show them Libs that you're made of school paste!

Unknown said...

The point is that the law says we can not have a stick. We are law abiding, get it. 'Anonymous' people have never made history anyway. Well thanks for doing nothing but be a crybaby.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a hoot. Think I'll pass in honor of Sandy Hook.

Anonymous said...

Heather, do you have some ideas on displaying the flags? Lets stick (no pun intended) together in this struggle "separately we hang".

Anonymous said...

Your flag should be on a pole. It clearly states no SIGNS ON STICKS.

Anonymous said...

8:08 Glad the lawyer has weighed in. Is a pole not a stick. What is the meaning of "Is" anyway?

Anonymous said...

The title should read Guns Across America not American. thanks.

lmclain said...

Heather Cocolin ---Our "leaders" have actually outlawed "sticks"?? And YOU seem to be okay with THAT? Really? STICKS?? We have the right to assemble, as long as we get "permission" from the police. We have the right to protest, as long as we get "permission" from the police. And NOW, we must refrain from having "sticks"? Even ones that hold up our FLAG!? Or the police will use GUNS and STICKS (really hard sticks and hollow point bullets) to make sure we "comply". Ok, I see your point. THAT'S how our forefathers gained our independence. They gathered together under the watchful eye of British troops and yelled (but yelled really loud!) at them. The British army then reported our displeasure back to the Crown and the King relented. Voila! We are FREE! Thomas Jefferson has momentarily stopped crying in Heaven to laugh like crazy at you and all the other brainwashed and naive serfs who think this display will, IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER, accomplish ANYTHING. Our "leaders" will look out the window of their fortresses and laugh, too. I can see that in a few years (or less!), the police will claim that they don't have the resources to "manage" these protests (they don't have them now, by the way) and BAN protests and assembly altogether. Can't happen, right?

Anonymous said...

And they will be there with cameras and notepads taking your picture and writing down tag numbers.

Now you have made it onto yet another list.

Not to put you down. If you want to protest, go for it and I wish you well and much success.

Just make sure you transport your weapons and ammo, if any, in accordance with state law.

I am quite sure they will be looking for violators.

Have fun and be safe. And if you get into an argument, don't be tempted to shoot the person.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous

I'll show you where you can stick it.

Its people like you who have basterdized America. You've never owned a gun. You don't have the spine it takes to buy one and stand for your rights anyway. You are from Westboro aren't you ?
**Change is coming...**
Signed: A patriot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

Come down and I'll buy you a coffee.

aka: Anonymous.