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Thursday, January 17, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Some American Hostages Reportedly Escape Terrorists In Algeria

Some of the seven Americans held hostage in Algeria reportedly escape terrorist captors, officials say. 

From Fox News


Anonymous said...

Thanks goodness they don't have to wait for Benghazi Barack to rescue them. This is going to be the rescue plan for any American citizen threatened by Moslems during our Moslem president's administration.

Anonymous said...

Were they really hostages? Don't believe anything that comes out of that area.

Anonymous said...

Why were they there?

Anonymous said...

11:26 they work for an oil company. If I'm not mistaken I believe it's BP.

It's true 9:11. Northern African and the Arabian Penisula are overun with al qaeda and factions. They haven't been "defeated" as obama claimed. He lied again as usual quite a few dopes fell for it. They are stronger than ever before.
It's a good thing they were able to escape because yes, waiting on the incompetent Obama admin to do anything would never come and if it did they would screw it up like everything else Obama's ever done.

Obama Motors said...

Good for them. They knew Benghazi Barrack was not going to help, so they took matters in their own hands. This sends message to all of our citizens here and abroad: "If you depend on the Government, you will get screwed". Just think about how they threw Ambassador Stevens to the wolves, what makes you think they would care about you or me?