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Saturday, January 26, 2013

GOP Lawmaker: Make Budget Deficits An Impeachable Offense

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) this week proposed a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution that would make the president's failure to enforce that amendment an impeachable offense.

His Protecting America's Solvency Act, H.R. 371, would let the debt ceiling rise by $1 trillion after congressional passage of the balanced-budget amendment. The ceiling could rise another $1 trillion after states ratify it.

The bill says the amendment must require federal spending not to exceed the revenue it collects, a goal it must meet after five years. But it does allow Congress to suspend this limit with a four-fifths majority vote, or by a simple majority during wartime.



Anonymous said...

lol I'm sure the Congress would NEVER, EVER act to ensure a President would fail.

Daddio said...

I would hope that "wartime" would be defined as "declared war by Congress" and not those mini-wars that the Prez is engaged in all over the place.

Otherwise, it would be a moot point to attempt to reign in spending if all they have to do is point to any war-like activity going on with US involvement.