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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Controversial Art Display Rocks Grand Rapids

Artwork made from semen is causing a stir in Grand Rapids, Mich. after the paintings were included in a city-wide art competition — partially funded by tax dollars.

The three paintings were created using slightly more than four ounces of semen infected with HIV, according to the artist — EA Conner.

“These paintings were created as a reminder that we all come in contact with people every day who are HIV positive,” he wrote on his ArtPrize profile page. “The red spots on the Scorpion and Bio-hazard paintings are actual HIV positive semen and the gold spots on the Red Ribbon painting are HIV positive.”



Anonymous said...

I hate having to defend the free speech rights of the likes of this artist and hateful types like Westboro Baptist (but I will).

Anonymous said...

Using bodily fluids for art is gross. Next they will say those smears on public bathroom walls are art and not be allowed to remove it.
If that is the case the around the toilet of mens bathroom is a work of art!

Anonymous said...

8:55 you're off on this one. if someone wants to get donations and fund this themselves, fine; but DON'T use MY Money (tax dollars). it says it was partially funded by tax dollars. This has got to stop. why should ANY tax dollars be used for this trash?

Anonymous said...

We have run out of interesting things in this country. This is really a sick display , it's not art . It also tells you how sick our government is to support or fund this crap.
Of course I expected nothing less under this adminisration .

Anonymous said...

October 4, 2012 12:07 AM


Anonymous said...

well, maybe they call it art, I call it bullshi#!