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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Van Hollen Billed At Convention As Answer To Ryan

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Rep. Chris Van Hollen offered a sharp rebuke to Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan at the Democratic convention Wednesday, saying of their proposals, "If you refuse to ask the wealthiest to pitch in, then you hit everyone else much harder."

The prominent convention speech, focused on budget issues, served to underline Van Hollen's role in the party: He has become the Democrats' answer to Ryan.

The two share a common rise to the top of the political scene. They're both in leadership positions on the House Budget Committee, they both play dual roles as number-crunching policy wonks and political attack dogs, and pretty soon one will literally be playing the role of the other.


Anonymous said...

He's not qualified to carry Paul Ryan's jock!

Anonymous said...

Another card carrying commie from Montgomery County

Obama Motors said...

Democrats under O'Malley and Van Holen raised taxes and fees in Maryland 24 times! And is it working?! No. I was hoping they would let the "Intellect" Biden to talk, but they realized that would be just too funny trying to explain how come they couldn't come up with Balanced Budget in last 6 years! Oh, I forgot, must be Bush's fault.