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Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Toughest Ticket In Town

Section 116 is home to the Maryland delegation during the Democratic National Convention at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte.
The seating is limited in the 10 rows allotted to Maryland and for the first two days of the convention it has been a tough ticket to come by in the Maryland delegation. 
So tough to come by that many of the more that 350 members of the Maryland delegation have entered into a lottery each day in hopes of getting a red floor pass credential that serves as a ticket and entry to Section 116.


Anonymous said...

I hope those two bozos from Salisbury are left out of all of it. A trip for NOTHING!

Anonymous said...

Hope our mayor & councilwoman lose!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they all haven't packed up and left. After the omalley "better off" gaffe you know he and the MD delegations are considered personae non gratae in Charlotte.
Wait until after the election. Omalley and his supporters will be blackballed from the democratic party. Politics are brutal.