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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wicomico School Leadership Teams Ready For Start Of 2012-13 School Year

Administrative leadership teams for Wicomico County Public Schools are in place and ready for the start of the 2012-13 school year the week of Aug. 27. Welcome letters will be mailed to students and their families on Friday, Aug. 17.

The new school year will open Aug. 27 for students in grades 1-6 and grade 9. (Exceptions: All grades will attend at Pittsville Elementary and Middle, and only grade 6 will attend at Mardela Middle and High.) All students in grades 1-12 will be in school Tuesday, Aug. 28. During the first week, kindergarten and prekindergarten students will report as scheduled by the assigned school.

Leadership teams are listed below for each school and program. Administrators in a new position or location for the coming school year are marked with an asterisk (*).


Beaver Run Elementary: Principal Melissa A. Eiler, Assistant Principal Alexan “Aly” Dargan
Charles H. Chipman Elementary: Principal William J. “Bill” Curtis, Assistant Principal Carla H. Hicks
Delmar Elementary: Principal Judy W. Nicholson, Assistant Principals Dr. Kathleen Vail and Ryan Kessler*
East Salisbury Elementary: Principal Glendon A. Jones, Assistant Principal Karen F. Parsons*, Dean of Students Kim Waters
Fruitland Primary: Principal Pamela G. Mitchell*, Assistant Principal Lisa M. Forbush
Fruitland Intermediate: Principal Jon D. Shearer, Assistant Principal Dr. Kirsten S. Jennette
Glen Avenue Elementary: Principal Dr. Michael W. Collins, Assistant Principal Larry J. Collins
North Salisbury Elementary: Principal Ruby L. Brown, Assistant Principal Renee R. Hall
Northwestern Elementary: Principal Kirby S. Bryson, Assistant Principal Joyce D. Lewis
Pemberton Elementary: Principal Curtis W. Twilley, Assistant Principal Antionette Perry
Pinehurst Elementary: Principal Deborah L. Emge, Assistant Principal Dave Harris
Pittsville Elementary and Middle: Principal Michael T. Cody, Assistant Principal Rebecca R. Doss
Prince Street Elementary: Principal Christopher P. Nunzio, Assistant Principal Tana Ellis*, Dean of Students Chareka Harris*
West Salisbury Elementary: Principal Melva P. Wright, Assistant Principal Tara O’Barsky*
Westside Primary: Principal Kristina V. Gosnell, Assistant Principal Erica Cummins
Westside Intermediate: Principal Jason L. Miller*, Assistant Principal Shelly Hall*
Willards Elementary: Principal Regina J. Rando, Assistant Principal Katrena Bailey



Anonymous said...

West Salisbury Elementary: Assistant Principal Tara O’Barsky*

This assistant principal from the outside is a new hire? You mean to tell me out of 1,400 employees teaching they couldn't find a qualified assistant principal in house?

Anonymous said...

There are more problems with this list than one new hire outside. First, there are several who should've never been picked and wouldn't have if they weren't related to former principals or board members. Second, nearly half of them should've been returned to the classrooms or fired out-right because they are extremely poor administrators. But, the good 'ole boy mentality will probably keep them in place until they either retire or die. Thirdly, there are many already inside the WCBOE who are much more deserving but will probably never get the opportunity because of the reasons above. Maybe now that they have a professional HR person, maybe the favoritism will at least slow down, administrators and teachers will be held accountable and better selections will take place. Let's hope so!

Anonymous said...


How about naming specific people and state your name. Your rant means nothing unless you can back it up with hard facts.

Paladin said...

4:58 - while well reasoned, do not expect significant changes to occur. Word of the actions circulates quickly in the school administrative community, and qualified applicants will seek greener pastures in Worcester county as well as just about anywhere else in the state. If nothing else but pay is the rationale for this, but while on the subject - professionalism and opportunity. The standards required for administrators are well documented, and this is precisely the reason that internal staff are not interested. Finally, the actions of Dr. Fredricksen and his senior staff are well documented. Prospective administrators are scared off by this.