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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Local Seeks $500K From Motorist After Scooter Accident

In what could become a common occurrence with the proliferation of scooters in the resort and their inevitable interactions with motor vehicles, a Salisbury man has filed suit seeking $500,000 from a Massachusetts woman, alleging she was negligent when she struck him with her car while he was riding a scooter on Coastal Highway last September.

The case was originally filed in Worcester County Circuit Court in February, but last week was transferred to U.S. District Court. The amended complaint filed by the plaintiff, Jeffrey Jester of Wicomico County, alleges the driver, Joann Allen of Massachusetts, was negligent when the vehicle she was driving made an abrupt left turn and collided with the scooter operator, launching him into the air and causing serious injuries.

According to the complaint, last Sept. 5, Jester was “carefully, prudently and legally” traveling on a scooter in the northbound bus lane on Coastal Highway and was approaching 41st Street when he was violently struck from the left side by a Honda driven by Allen, who was traveling in the far right lane for vehicles. Allen made an abrupt right turn and struck Jester from the left side as he was entering the intersection.



Anonymous said...

Drivers from the New England states are a different breed.They drive way too fast and are inconsiderate to other drivers.

Anonymous said...

Its the same as if it had been a bike or motorcycle...if she was at fault then her insurance co would cover the damage to the scooter and his medical bills. Riding a two wheeled vehicle is inherently dangerous and when you ride you have to assume other drivers do not see you...ask someone who has been in one of these types of accidents. I'll bet they say they never saw the bike... I gave up riding motorcycles for this reason. Its just too dangerous especially in OC