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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Different Kind Of Robbery

The police state is not only here — it is being welcomed with open arms.

Exhibit A: In Aurora, Colorado, police searching for suspected bank robbers locked down an entire intersection, dragooned 40 random motorists out of their cars at gunpoint, handcuffed them and “asked” for permission to search their vehicles. (See here for the ABC News story.)

Naturally, no one refused permission.

The action itself is startling: 40 people, guilty of nothing more than proximity, of being in the same general area where a suspected criminal might also be, are literally pulled from their vehicles, shackled and detained for more than two hours — even after it was obvious they were guilty of no crime at all.

Even more startling, however, than these over-the-top tactics is the fact that (apparently) every one of these 40 innocent people complied without a peep of protest. Not one said: “I’m sorry officer, but unless I’ve committed a crime I’d like to be free to go about my business.” Not one said, ” I do not consent to any searches.”

None put up a fuss when the cuffs came out.



Anonymous said...

Police state has been here ever since Bush ran through the Patriot Act because people were scared and it was a great opportunity to take over our rights.

Jack K Richards said...

Have no problem with establishing a perimeter and questioning occupants but cuffing and searching cars with no reason goes beyond what the law says. But it sounds like those that were stopped handled it well and supported the action. I am sure that there are some on here that would still be their showing their difiance. Oh well.........

Anonymous said...

Happens in Salisbury on a daily basis! If you don't think so try being black roll up a napkin hold it tightly in your hand get on a bicycle and ride down church! The first cop that see you is gonna detain you hand cuff you and search you and FOR WHAT? I understand their war on drugs bit this has become more than that it's become this poor black man can't fight us so we'll do what ever we want! If he does say something we'll arrest him and charge him for resisting and disobeying a lawful order. Our whole system is broken and it's high time we all stand up to these thugs in uniform. After all they are supposed to work for us!

lmclain said...

"....those that were stopped handled it well...". By that I suppose the writer was applauding their acquiescence and submissiveness. The police, who SHOULD know the law, stop ALL people looking for a criminal. Search without probable cause? Detaining innocent citizens traveling (formerly) freely and not giving any indication of crimnal conduct? HANDCUFFING innocent citizens? Sounds like we have some new candidates for "Officer of the Year". "Establishing a perimeter"? Done at GUNPOINT?. I thought they had better men in the West. "...goes beyond what the law says...", so dear Jack Richards, WHAT should be the penalty for those who "go beyond what the law says"? And do it while pointing weapons at innocent (all of them, by the way) citizens?