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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sea Glass Becomes a Rare and Special Find

They can be found just about anywhere on the beach: glittering jewel-like shards called sea glass.

To some they look like hunks of shiny junk, but in reality, they truly are special.

Author Richard LaMotte, a resident of Maryland's Eastern Shore, researched the origins of sea glass and wrote a book about the subject called "Pure Sea Glass." He says most sea glass comes from bottles.

"Bottle glass became disposable in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and so as these things were thrown out they would be thrown out in dumps next to bays or rivers, and they were broken into pieces. They'd be tumbled, let's say in the Chesapeake, for years. Decades. And as these get tumbled up, they actually turn into these shapes that people like to use in jewelry or other types of craft that really take a jewel-like patina and frosting to it."



tom t said...

so it's ok to dump garbage in the bay as long as people can turn it into jewelry?

one man's junk....


Anonymous said...

May be another man's treasure, yes! And if your lucky enough to find the red's or orange's, they are extremely rare and worth a bit! Many moons ago when they had solid glass traffic lights,,some of the reds have actually been connected with with them. I am fairly new to this hobby, and have just purchased LaMotte's book and find it very fascinating! Will be going beachcombing this weekend in hopes to find some rare pieces! Each piece holds a story all it's own.