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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Etiquette to Follow on Flag Day and Any Day

June 14 is Flag Day, and a good time to be reminded of proper etiquette for handling the American flag.

It's customary to have the American flag displayed in front of federal and state government buildings. Flags are raised at sun up and lowered at sundown, according to Maryland State Trooper Sgt. Robert Fraley.

There's only one exception.

"Unless it's a situation like out front where you have the spotlight illuminating a flag, which you're allowed to display at all hours of the darkness," says Fraley.

The flag also should never be dipped.


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Anonymous said...

Also only a Presidential order, Act of Congress or the order of the commander of a military district can send the US Flad to half staff. Governors, County
Executives/Counsils, Mayors, etc., CANNOT.