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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother Formally Charged With Stabbing 'Pretty Diamond'

Baltimore City Police have released more information about the stabbing of a baby inside a Department of Social Services office building on Tuesday.

According to a statement of probable cause, the baby's mother identified as Kenisha Thomas was on a supervised visit with her daughter in an office with a social worker Tuesday morning.

Police say that as a visit about to wrap up, Thomas complained about the care her daughter identified as Pretty Diamond was getting and that Thomas felt like she could do a better job.



Anonymous said...

Get real people. Why should we as Americans put up with these idiots. They are "low rent and on welfare, which pays for their drugs. Go Obama!

Anonymous said...

Another Government handout crack head and Obama supporter. All welfare recipients should be drug tested, period!

Anonymous said...

Ok... you know there is a problem when the mother names her child "Pretty Diamond!"

Perhaps our society would benefit from child naming standards to prevent these idiots from naming children these ridiculous names!!!

Anonymous said...

How about forced sterilization? Why are we being forced to support these animals? They evidently don't have the mental faculties to make responsible decisions!