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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Iran's Drone Announcement Pure Mockery of Obama

When a U.S. drone went down in eastern Iran last December, President Obama asked the Iranians if they might return it--pretty please--but they just grinned and said “no.”

Now, some five months later, they claim not only to have “recovered data” from the spy drone but are actually building a working copy of it. To bolster their claims, they’ve provided intelligence they say they gathered from the drone’s on-board computer, and the chief of the aerospace division of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has mockingly reported: “There is almost no part hidden to us in this aircraft.” Moreover, he claims they’ve even been able to recover “part of the data that had been erased.”


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Anonymous said...

Drones are a worldwide thing now.Every civilized country has them.Having one makes Iran feel equal to the rest of the world.That's really all they want-just not to be looked down on.Were we in their situation we would do the same.China has the really advanced drones that could indeed pose a threat.Everyone gets along much better if the playing field is leveled.