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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Report: 29 Wis. Judges Signed Recall Petitions Against Gov. Scott Walker — Was That Wrong?

Twenty-nine Wisconsin judges are among the hundreds of thousands of people who signed petitions in favor of recalling Gov. Scott Walker from office, a newspaper analysis found.

The total represents about 12 percent of the state’s approximately 250 county-level judges, according to the Gannett Wisconsin Media review. The judges who signed were from counties in all areas of the state, though Milwaukee County had the largest share with nearly one-fourth of its county judges adding their names.

None of the state’s 16 appeals court judges or seven Supreme Court justices signed the petitions.


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lmclain said... Wisconsin saying that judges cede their civil rights when they take a job? They no longer are allowed to exercise the sames rights (like asking for the recall of a politician?) as the rest of the citizenry?