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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Rendition Of The New EVO Facility In Salisbury, Coming Soon


Anonymous said...

I'm confused on the locale for this place. What benefits are there from being on Vine Street, in a questionable area at best?

Anonymous said...

I have had a business "in this questionable area" for 25 years. It is no more questionable that most other neighborhoods. Everything in that area is commercial. Look at police reports what do you see(or not). You must live in a neighborhood before judging them. We cant all live and work in nistdale.

C Gilbert said...

The main benefit is that they will be able to draw water from the well that the old ice plant had & not have to pay the large fees the city originally wanted for them to be in Salisbury. The agreement created a win-win situation, they have been few & far between in the past several years.