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Thursday, September 10, 2009

AFP Join Patients First Bus Tour MD

Two Join Patients First buses have been traveling across the Country holding mobile mini town hall's in cities of all sizes.

These buses are an opportunity to voice your concerns, ask questions, and learn about the health care debate.

The bus will also be in Annapolis at City Dock at 8am that morning to start things off in Maryland.

Check out for more information and to sign the "Hands off our Healthcare" petition.


Anonymous said...

BYOKA...Bring Your Own Kool-Aid


Anonymous said...


The kool-aid mixer spoke last night. I find it hard to believe taht even die-hard democrats can support a man who appoints admitted communists to his inner circle of advisers. he also has Cass Sunstein, an anti 2nd ammendment person, a person that thinks you should not be able to extract rats from your home and many other nutty ideas. There are many other radicals in his inner circle of advisers. Do you people really care more about having this idiot in the White House than you do our country. From many of your posts (Md-Progressive) I can only assume you do.

Anonymous said...

2:15- I can't hear you. Can you please turn down Glenn Beck?


Anonymous said...

MD_Progressive can you hear this?? OH let me turn it up for you ..l..
figure it out.