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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kratovil Protest in Harford County

A “protest” (the organizers’ word, not mine) will be held in front of Rep. Frank Kratovil’s Bel Air office today between 4PM and 6PM.  All those who live in the northern part of the First District should let Frank know how they feel.


Anonymous said...

A majority of MD voters voted for Obama, who made it clear that he supported a stimulus package and cap and trade during the election. Kratovil came out in support of Obama's candidacy and by extension, his plans. Sounds like to me he is doing what he said he would do, and what he was elected to do. I guess some of you just don't like a politician working towards the agenda that he campaigned on.

Anonymous said...

7:32 - I agree, completely. It goes to show that the majority of MD was so taken with Obama's promises of "Change" that they didn't stop and think about the REAL issues at hand. America as a whole has no one to blame but themselves. They put these crooked officials in office and now we're all paying for it (literally).

Lesson for the future -- do your homework. Don't just sit in front of your TV and listen to lies spewing from a candidate's mouth.

Anonymous said...

Elections have results. Theses are two of the reasons that I voted for both Obama and Kratovil.

Move over to the passenger seat, it's our turn to drive.

Anonymous said...

Nobody in their right mind would vote ANY politition in seat with an open ended agenda {do what ever YOU want} I dont remember any cap n trade on the books when he ran, and there sure as heck wasnt any take over health care on the, morgage loans, insurance co's....on and on...., so if obamma wants genicide now, kratovil is supposed to just go with it? Because his Party will get rich from it?

Anonymous said...

If you go:

Please thank Frank, for all of us, for helping to block Obama Care before the August recess -- he stood up to the likes of Pelosi and Hoyer.

PS: will Salisbury's notorious "hangman" be there too?

Anonymous said...

Obama has reversed nearly all of his campaign promises 7:32, have you been in a coma?

Anonymous said...


It is just that the cliff this idiot is taking us over is one that we may well not survive.
Just what kind of America do you people want. One that the people have to rely on government for health care from cradle to grave, one that you rely on government for food and shelter, onr that you can just lay on your lazy a$$ and collect welfare, one where you live on someone elses money because you are to damn lazy to work and find it easier to just pop out babies to get more welfare and government subsidized housing.

Wow I think I just described the typical Obama voter.

And just one more thing. To all of you who say if we that work and pay your bills don't like it we can move somewhere else, I have a better idea. You move to one of the places you like and leave America to those of us who respect it and are willing to work and pay our own way without havinf the government provide for our every want, not need, but want.


Anonymous said...

Actually, only 4 countys in MD fully supported Obama in the election. Guess which 4.

Anthony of Salisbury

Anonymous said...

Let's see: I have a job, and have always had one since I was 16. Top notch education. Solid family life. Lots of friends. I fly the flag outside the house that I own. Oh, and I voted for Kratovil and Obama. I support national health care.

Anonymous said...

Kratovils district did not support Obama. Don't forget that we had a republican congressman for 20 years prior to Kratovil. I suspect that we will now have another republican for the next 20 years after Kratovil self destructs with Pelosi & Obama.

Anonymous said...

7:49 "Lesson for the future -- do your homework. Don't just sit in front of your TV and listen to lies spewing from a candidate's mouth."
-Now thats where we agree, but I'll throw in also stop listening to the talking heads like Limbaugh and Hannity who are hear to ENTERTAIN not inform.

7:56 "so if obamma wants genicide now"
-since you have shown you are not a logical thinker, I'll pass on commenting further on anything you say.

8:26, if you think you have accurately described 53% of your fellow americans, you are likely in the same category as 7:56. I'm going to need to refer you to the 2nd paragraph of 7:49. Stay in school

Anonymous said...

if you like what Pelosi and Harry R. want for the United States, fine, I look at the cartoon and laugh at how accurate it is. I voted for Kratovil because i thought he was a middle of the road guy, he isn't and his vote for Obamacare and cap and trade prove it.

He is out to destroy AG on the eastern shore, for that we will be voting him out.

All of you people that think that government health care is a good thing, fine, you are entitled to to your opinion, most Americans disagree with you and those of us with jobs are happy with the insurance we have.

I know this, Obama and Pelosi and the puppet Kratovil are taking this country down a road in 2010 where there will be a new endangered species in congress

The Democrat

because the y will be voted out

Anonymous said...


So which union are you a member of? Teachers?

Inspector T said...

For those of you who might not know, "Campaign for Liberty" is a Ron Paul group.

I guess it is just as well that the Ronettes hang out with the Rethuglicans, blindly and mindlessly opposing any positive change. If they are palin' around together (as that wingnut darlin' - wink, wink - of the north might say), that should lessen the chance of normal folk getting infected with the idiot bug.

Anonymous said...

No offense, but you angry people are really a turnoff. Frank Kratovil has been in office 7 months, and you speak so violently about him.

His vote on Obamacare? What vote? He voted to take time to read the legislation!

For those who have worked all their lives without benefits, saved, and watched it all go away with one family illness, you sure have no compassion.

Not everyone is fortunate to work for companies with benefits or to make enough to pay outrageous premiums. A friend of mine is like that, and when his daughter got sick (he made too much to qualify for the children's health insurance), they lost their house. He always worked hard.

You people call your Christians. Shame on you for your hating. If Mr. Kratovil and others like him read the bill and figure out how to make it better, God bless him. It amazes me too that many screaming at him are elderly people already on Medicare.

This country has lost its ability just to have a discussion about anything.

Anonymous said...


You and those like you want to take my health care away. That's what Obamacare will do.

When Obama says "if you like your insurance you keep it" he is a liar, and you are a fool if you beleive him. You also don't have the slightest understanding about economics.

If you want health care, go out and get a job that has benefits, try McDonalds, they have full medical and dental.

I'm in hock for my own family disaster so eff you moron. I don't want to have to pay for you too.

Get a decent job, or work harder.

Health care isn't a right.

Anonymous said...

Kratovil voted FOR this bill in committee.