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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

9/11: As Events Unfold


Anonymous said...

Sad day.

lmclain said...

Play that EVERY DAY on EVERY news channel so we never forget who and what we are dealing with...
Let people know before they see it, however, so the weak minded, the sissies,and the anti-American citizens who hate our country and our flag (but can't think of, or find, a better place to live) can find a 'safe space' to hide.
It won't be anywhere near me and they should pay very close attention to THAT.

Anonymous said...

DemocRATs are the new Domestic Terrorists.

Anonymous said...

You are a bit full of yourself.

And obviously not very informed about this Mossad Psyop

Stop worshipping men and a vile government

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I wish people would actually research. “ Project for a New American Century”

Anonymous said...

Your a lying sack of Shit.

lmclain said...


Stop worshipping "a vile government"???

You ever read any of my other posts??

I'm on more than a few "lists" kept by the FBI, NSA, local police departments, and Homeland Security.

The only thing I worship is Jesus Christ.