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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Vigilantes, mob justice grow as violence mounts in Mexico

Vigilante attacks and mob justice appeared to be on the rise in Mexico this week as violence mounted, more than two dozen bodies appeared along roadsides and the government ruled out any new crackdown on criminal gangs.

Prosecutors in the northern state of Sinaloa said Thursday five young men have been murdered in recent days, and in all five cases toy cars were carefully placed atop their corpses. The men were apparently car thieves, and the toys indicated both the reason they were killed and served as a warning to other thieves.

The latest such murder came Wednesday. Prosecutors said the victim had been identified as the same man seen on security camera footage earlier that day stealing a pickup truck at gunpoint from a woman outside her home in the state capital, Culiacan.

That same day, a total of seven suspected kidnappers were killed by townspeople in the largest mass lynching in recent memory in the central state of Puebla. Some were beaten, some hanged.



Anonymous said...

Sounds a little like Baltimore or Chicago

Anonymous said...

11:34: "...Sounds a little like Baltimore or Chicago..."

Yes, it does, with the following important exceptions:
1. Baltimore and Chicago have that traffic jam about 150 days a year - twice a day. Ocean City has this type of jam maybe 15 times a year, and if you're a local you like seeing it. Traffic jams = CASH!
2. The chances of seeing some eye-candy (such as Bikinis!) while you're stuck in traffic is absolutely ZERO in Baltimore or Chicago. It's damn near a given in OC.
And 3. Most importantly, you have an almost zero chance of getting robbed and shot in Ocean City. The odds are a bit higher in those other cities.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some people fed up with Cartel Terrorists are starting to Make Mexico Great Again.