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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

While Colleges Spend Hundreds Of Millions On Diversity Offices, A Majority Of Students Report Zero Or Negative Impact

Sixty-seven percent of college students polled at major universities who were familiar with their school’s diversity office said those offices either have no impact or a negative impact on their experience, an exclusive poll conducted for the Daily Caller by the College Pulse reveals.

Of the 3001 college students surveyed, 19 percent report they are aware of a diversity administrator and believe this administrator has positively impacted their college experience. 98 percent of the top 200 universities in America employ a diversity officer.

These universities are now spending hundreds of millions of dollars on diversity, as college tuitions rise steadily.

No employees were dedicated to diversity in 2003 at the University of Michigan, for example. Now, 93 people are employed by Michigan’s Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, receiving a combined $10.6 million in annual salaries, according to AEI scholar and Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Michigan Mark Perry. In 2016, the University of Michigan announced an $85 million investment to transform diversity culture on campus, including a $10 million multicultural student center, a new program to help freshmen navigate cultural differences, and outreach programs to recruit more diverse students, faculty, and staff.



Anonymous said...

It's just guilt ridden libs. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

have personally witnessed the damage that forced diversity programs have done to our Federal government offices. It's touted as a long term benefit- but only turns out to be a short term benefit to the unqualified slugs that get hired - eventually, they are discovered for what they really are NOT and get shuffled out to another office...meanwhile, good people are denied the opportunity to do good things while the taxpayers money is wasted!

From my memory, a few years ago, the Army had a fair sized Reduction In Force of their mid-level Officer ranks. Come to find out that it was performance based and the majority of individuals that were let go had been joined through a number of different diversity quota systems! The Army suffered with these appointees while properly documenting the marginal abilities - thankfully, someone had the spine to say 'take the poorest performers that we have documented and ditch them first!'. They are slowly recovering!

Anonymous said...

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