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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Civil Rights Panel Wants to Bring Back Obama’s Race-Based School Discipline Policies. Bad Idea.

Washington late last year reversed a policy that was micromanaging the way teachers and principals kept order in classrooms. Now, a federal commission wants to limit local educators’ control again.

Teachers should be feeling whiplash.

In December, the U.S. Department of Education and the Justice Department rescinded federal directives that said Washington would investigate schools based on the number of times teachers and principals suspended or expelled minority students—even if the offending students had committed violence. A school could have lost federal funding as a result.

The rules came from a 2014 Obama administration letter sent to districts around the country instructing educators to limit such punishments, even if a student was a danger to his or her peers.



Anonymous said...

Obama set this up, so enough said about its failure, literally absolving students and their families from any personal responsibility..

Anonymous said...

Was that picture of a school currently in use?

Anonymous said...

That’s a civil wrong

Anonymous said...

Exactly, its time for accountability, not a free ride!

Anonymous said...

this is whats wrong in the schools now. so what could ever go wrong with this?do you think things could get any worse?

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right .... I thought Dems don't want bullies in school per Michelle Obama stated BUT now they want to allow bullies to get AWAY WITH BULLYING BC THERE BLACK ?