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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Marcus: The Growing Danger of Misinformed Millennials

Here is an excerpt from an email from a misinformed white millennial:

Mr Marcus, as a black man, if you don't agree in part with Mr. Kaepernick, I feel bad for you. I am white, and feel that the issues facing the black community in the US from the police, legal elements, property, education are skewed, and need to be rectified. I am concerned that someone with your pulpit isn't out there helping out.

I usually receive emails from progressives who call me an Uncle Tom stupid n***** for loving my country and not viewing myself as a victim. This well-intentioned young emailer is infected with anti-Americanism via public education and casual contact with Democrats, Hollywood, social media, and fake news media. He is a prime candidate for recruitment into a terrorist hate group like Antifa.

Everything he thinks he knows is wrong. For example: Blacks are not persecuted by police. Research data confirms that police are the greatest defenders of black lives. A Harvard study said there is zero evidence of police racial bias. The greatest threat to black lives are black criminals.

Haters of America and Trump had a cow, accusing Trump of racism, for daring to tweet the ugly truth about Baltimore which is a hellhole of crime and record black-on-black homicides. I praise God for our president's courage. Trump is making Democrats accountable for the pain, suffering, and lawlessness in cities they have controlled for decades. I say, “Right on, brother Trump. Right on!”

My young emailer believes education is skewed against blacks. The opposite is true. K-8 white students are outrageously taught they were born racist and should feel guilty for their “white privilege.” The fact that blacks drop out of school in epidemic numbers has nothing to do with white America. It has everything to do with fatherless households and an abandonment of biblical morality.



Anonymous said...

Who is this Ray Cyst? He sure sounds like a bad guy!

Is he related to Y.T.?

Anonymous said...

He should be a high school teacher

Anonymous said...

She's just another lying Democrat.

Anonymous said...

I was for years. A great teacher. But the thuglets were just too much

Anonymous said...

“The opposite is true. K-8 white students are outrageously taught they were born racist and should feel guilty for their “white privilege.” I get this crap from my indoctrinated liberal daughter daily, and I flat out told her, show me where and how Im a privileged white, when I work 52 hrs a week and Im not getting anything for free or ANY privileges because I’m white, prove it! She of course can not back it up with anything except to say “ you’re racist”!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the local idiots Jake Day and dan O'Hare. They seem to constantly sympathize with the so called misjustice being done to so many blacks today yet both grew up spoiled ass privileged white punks. They ingest the local racist beliefs of the likes of the infamous racist college professor at umes and think they are accepted or liked when in actuality their being used like a pawn to spread the garbage to corners of society he can't reach.

Anonymous said...

Millinials civil war is coming.

Anonymous said...

That's not what the Harvard study found. Geez. Try reading the actual study, instead of the media report. The study found RAMPANT bias, just not in killings.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like good old Gaines Hawkins to me!! He's got that idiot O'Hare brainwashed