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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Motorcyclist Faces 44 Charges After Striking Officer, Police Car

OCEAN CITY — A Pennsylvania man faces over 40 charges this week after allegedly fleeing from police on his motorcycle at a high rate of speed and colliding with an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer and a patrol vehicle.

Around 10:50 p.m. on Saturday, OCPD officers were conducting an investigation of an unregistered motorcycle parked illegally on Talbot Street near Philadelphia Avenue. A check of the unattended motorcycle’s tags revealed it was not registered and a tow truck was requested to transport the vehicle to the Ocean City impound lot.

While OCPD officers waited near the motorcycle for the tow truck to arrive, they were approached by its owner and operator, identified as Wilmer Zook, 23, of Quarryville, Pa., who exhibited signs of intoxication, according to police reports. OCPD officers explained the motorcycle was going to be impounded because it was not registered and Zook offered to disengage the vehicle’s transmission to facilitate the towing process.



Anonymous said...

Typical, overcharged so that when it comes to Plea Bargaining they can drop almost all of them to get a deal and conviction. Lawyer will tell defendant its a great deal all but two charges dropped or put on STET docket, prosecutor will get a conviction and can brag on his 99% conviction rate!
Talk about railroading people.

Anonymous said...

I might believe about half of the police account of what happened. The other half is them trying to trump up the charges, hoping they get one, or two, to stick in court. Hard to believe he tried to escape by driving directly at a police officer. More likely the standard police tactic of jumping in front of a fleeing vehicle was employed, and she didn't move out of the way, rather she put her own life in jeopardy by her reckless actions. As the motorcycle "hit her arm," she most likely tried to grab him as he went by to knock him off the bike.

Yep, I don't believe half of their story. Not saying the cops are wrong for trying to apprehend him, but making shit up is unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

zook acted like a punk

Anonymous said...

I would have palm struck him directly into his chest easily knocking him off the bike. I have done this before in a different country. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

@401 would that hurt your wrist ?? Or did you get your training In military?

Anonymous said...

The police activity in Worcester County this year is just unbelievable to me. Berlin cops sitting in the Arby's parking lot shooting radar at west bound 50. Today natural resources cop sitting in the crossover by the state police barracks shooting radar at East bound 50.. Deputy sheriff vehicles constantly parked on 50. There must zero crime going on that all these agencies can devote these amount of resources for revenue collection on one highway.. Crossing over into Worcester is like entering East Berlin with the stasi swarming around looking for people to ask for their papers.