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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Project Veritas: 1,000 Google Employees Signed Internal Anti-Breitbart Petition

An internal Google petition “to end Google’s business with Breitbart” was recently leaked to Project Veritas. The petition — which over 1,000 Google employees have signed — calls for labeling Breitbart News as “prohibited content” to block the news outlet from “all Google-served ads.”

A Google insider says that a petition has been circulated among Google employees, calling on banning Breitbart News from Google’s advertising networks, in order to cut off the news platform from ad revenue, according to a recent report by Project Veritas.

“These people are employees of Google,” said a Google insider to James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, “They are unhappy with the election, and they are unhappy with the narratives that are being put out there that contradict the mainstream media’s narrative.”

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Anonymous said...

Folks, if you think sites like Brietbart are providing you a service, you are grossly uninformed. I'm all for free speech but we have gone way too far in giving outlets that disguise themselves as news a platform to simply spread false information and narratives that are destroying us from within. I'm all for substantive debate on all issues, and believe conservatives win against the left on quite a few. But the US wins when our debates are based on fact, not fiction. Breitbart and its cousins are spoon feeding you fiction every day. Google is a private company and has the right not to participate in the spread of malicious fiction and real FAKE NEWS.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1:10-- you're a troll.

Which outlets do you think provide this 'unbiased' info?

NONE of them.

But the leftists (and you) want to declare which ones are 'real' and worthy and censor the others.

Caveat emptor-- let the buyer beware.

We're able to determine for ourselves what is worthy and what is not (whether you think so or not.)

But thanks so much for your attempt to rescue us from our inbred stupidity.

Anonymous said...

CNN must be the only source for your news

Anonymous said...

110 must Clinton Communist Network and
Main Stream Network Backing Communism

Anonymous said...

1:10 was vindicated 100% by 2:20 and 2:39. You people are sad, misled sheep.

Anonymous said...

1:10 - You're a misinformed leftist liberal fool. And you have it backwards!

Makes me want to go to Breitbart even more!

Anonymous said...

110 here:the fact that all you know is the false choice of CNN vs Fox (or Brietbart) proves how well you have been brainwashed. I did forget to mention though that YES my sentiments are applied to both sides of the aisle and both left/right media pundits. They are here to sell you ads, notninform you. Do yourselves a favor. Turn off the tv and these bogus sites. If you have an issue you care about, actually go find the facts from real sources; peer reviewed articles, actual government data and official reports, nonpartisan research groups. Then come back with an informed opinion.

Anonymous said...

If you support Brietbart, you just proved your own statement wrong. Plenty of easily verified false and misleading info printed there on the regular.

Anonymous said...

5:40 Sadly I’m not sure we can trust ANY news site or “government data” and official reports. How do you feel about Prager U?

Anonymous said...

LOL who thinks they are informed LOL who thinks others are misinformed. These are exactly the divisions that all news venues that are advertiser driven like to exploit. There are very few actual Journalists these days they are all media pundits of some sort or self branded talking heads anchors or crack pot conspiracy theorists. You can say do the research and go down the rabbit hole online and drink the Koolaid but your time invested and agreeing confirmations do not make any of it factual or real.
It's like people's obsession with the weather or the price of gas. You can't do squat about it why waste your time. Find a constructive Hobby or volunteer somewhere and make a real difference and part with the Tower of Babel that all this has become.

Anonymous said...

We the people need a class action lawsuit.