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Thursday, July 11, 2019

White Communities, Black Students: Counties With the Biggest School Race Gap

In Rockland County, an affluent patch of suburbia north of New York City, 64 percent of the children are non-Hispanic whites. But a solid majority of the public school pupils are non-white. There’s a simple reason for that: Nearly half of the kids are in private school. Many of them are from Orthodox Jewish families who sent their children to yeshivas. As in much of the country, public student enrollment doesn’t closely reflect the population of children living in the community.

To show where this kind of mismatch exists, Governing compiled aggregate K-12 enrollment data for all larger U.S. counties reported to the Department of Education. Census estimates covering the under-18 population for 2013-2017 were then compared with average public-school enrollment over the same period.

Nationally, public schools are less white than their communities, with blacks and Hispanics generally over-represented in those schools. The discrepancy isn’t very large in most places at the county level, typically a few percentage points. But the gap is far larger in some jurisdictions, and it’s in these areas where there can be a serious disconnect between taxpayers and support for public schools. Under- or over-representation is often much more apparent in smaller areas within counties, such as individual towns and districts.



Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: I attended public schools prior to the feel good, vote pandering forced integration back in the 60s. Integration in every category including public schools has been very successful don’t you think? After fifty some odd years, everywhere I Look, blacks and whites live in complete harmony. None of the predictions of increased violence, crime, reduction of standards and qualifications have come true. Affirmative action has insured that highly qualified individuals of all races are selected for their abilities rather than skin color. What a wonderful world of harmony and love for one another Marxist democrats have created. Utopia has been achieved and equality surrounds us. I will be eternally grateful to them for making our lives richer. (sarc)
If I said what I truly think it wouldn’t get published.

Anonymous said...

Who in this day and age are going to send their kids to school with animals??? Why do you think democrats are against Charter schools?? Against school vouchers??

Anonymous said...

Good for them!! A parent has the right to send them to schools that actually support learning and a safe learning environment

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit about this? Only people who are trying to rig the system for money. The public education system is a train wreck. Plus the gov't can't keep their hands off it, hence common ass core, and let the black kids get away with murder. Obama's buddy Eric Holder saw to that. Stop all the busing for racial balance. If you live within the limits you go to that school. That way all the misfits will be in one place
Instead of woven in with good kids that want to learn, and are well behaved.

Anonymous said...

Stop the federal government from giving any money to any state and let the state's live or die by their own financial accord. Problem solved. Many people will change the state they live in, but the laws, rules, regulations fees and permits will make or break them.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I know your thoughts and feel the same!