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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Marilyn Mosby testifies on marijuana reform during a Congressional hearing

(WBFF) -- Marilyn Mosby provided testimony during a congressional hearing on marijuana reform.

Mosby spoke about the need for federal decriminalization of marijuana, the need for reform specific to marijuana enforcement, and for the necessity for second chances for individuals with drug offenses.

To “right the past wrongs” of failed “war on drugs” policies, Mosby suggested congress remove Marijuana as a scheduled controlled substance, regulate it similar to alcohol and tobacco and create economic incentives for reinvestment in communities most adversely impacted.



Anonymous said...

Oh sure you dumbbell, have the police who you so strongly endorse, enforce another unenforceable law. They can't even check for guns, and now expect them to search for weed. You are beyond stupid. Surely there is another black lawyer that still believes in the law out there.

Anonymous said...

This stupid POS is one of the big downfalls of Baltimore. She hates whites, she hates police, she hates everything except her ghetto cronies.

Anonymous said...

Not in good ole demoncrat run Baltimore!