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Thursday, July 11, 2019

LIRR overtime ‘cheat’ hung out at home on the clock, retired with full pension anyway

A Long Island Rail Road worker who raked in more than $280,000 in pay last year — more than half from overtime — was busted hanging out at home while on the clock, according to a report obtained by The Post.

But he was allowed to retire before he could be punished — and collect his full pension on the public dime.

Raymond Murphy, a foreman with the LIRR’s Buildings and Bridges department who’d been at the agency since 1996, was caught by the MTA’s Inspector General at or near his home on 10 occasions when he was on duty in April, May and June 2018, the Aug. 8 report says.

But he says he has nothing to apologize for.



Retired Cop said...

Well I can tell you as a retired Govt. worker, we did the same. I went Christmas shopping, doctor visits, school concerts, even painted my house while on the clock.
Bosses did it and we knew it so we all covered for each other. It wasn't hard and there was an unlimited supply of money for wages, it was taxes!
As a Govt. worker we don't get paid well, but we have great benefits and a lifetime job. A little extra "Fun" and free cash so to speak was a bonus to us.
Think of how many times you see a Utility company vehicle or a Law Enforcement vehicle at a Mall, Home Depot, School, it ain't cuz they have a call there most of the time!
We all do it, so don't get High-horsed. Do you make a personal phone call from work? Order something online from work? Research a trip? Steal pens, or other stuff from work?

Anonymous said...

You didn't get paid well my azz! Ya'll are a bunch of lazy buffoons living off of the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I don't think $32,000 a year is great money to get shot at, spit on, stabbed, or insulted everyday do you ?

Average Law Enforcement wage according to Labor Dept. (2016)

Anonymous said...

7:20 Check your stats; you're about 10K too low. HS + 6 months at academy yields a starting wage greater than a new teacher with a 4 year degree and possible education loans.

I'm grateful for our good cops, and not looking to swap jobs with them but facts are facts. Wages in WY, GA, etc are not my worry.