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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Majority of Hispanic voters APPROVE of citizenship question on U.S. census

Two-thirds of voters approve of a citizenship question on the 2020 census, and that includes a majority of Hispanic voters — despite claims by Democrat lawmakers that the inquiry would discourage participation in Latino communities.

A Harvard University Center for American Political Studies/Harris poll found that 67% of all registered U.S. voters say the census should ask the citizenship question when the time comes. That includes 88% of Republicans, 63% of independents and 52% of Democrats.

Most notably, the poll found that 55% of Hispanic voters favor the idea.

Also in agreement: 74% of rural voters, 59% of black voters, 58% of urban voters and 47% of voters who backed Hillary Clinton in 2016. At 44%, liberal voters were the least likely to favor the citizenship question.


[This poll should eviscerate the 'racism' argument. --Editor]


Anonymous said...

There is only ONE reason why the Democrat's do NOT want that question on the census: non-citizens that reply to the census will still count as population for the Electoral College. So, in areas that are safe-havens for illegals, this helps liberals get elected.
So, who is for fair elections? They make up crap about Russian collusion then try to lie, cheat and steel the election in plain sight.

Anonymous said...

It's just the Democratic politicians that need the added numbers to pad their power!