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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Axios: Breitbart Defines Democratic Presidential Field by Dominating Social Media

Despite widespread, documented cases of bias against conservative media by social media platforms, Breitbart News and other conservative media have dominated online coverage of the Democrat party primaries, according to Axios.

In an article titled “Axios-NewsWhip 2020 attention tracker: The might of right-wing media,” Axios published data from its online media tracker, which tracks the attention received by individual Democrat presidential candidates from stories shared on social media.

Axios notes the potential impact that conservative dominance is having on emerging narratives about the Democrat candidates. The news website admits that conservative media is “shaping the way a big chunk of the electorate looks at these candidates and exposing potential lines of attack for Trump to exploit.”

The data, gathered by Axios and the social media analytics company Newswhip, shows that even on topics focused on the Democrat primaries, articles from conservative sources like Breitbart News generate significantly more traffic than their left-wing competitors.

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Anonymous said...

With thousands of people viewing what is posted on Salisbury News, I think it is safe to assume there is some measurable impact coming from it.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party primaries have so far been an embarrassment to all involved. Most of us have never seen such a conflicted group of has-beens and wannabes, all spouting the same tired and unaffordable "ideas" as they have year after year, while Congress "leadership" is accomplishing absolutely nothing nothing while the opportunities are in their very laps. It's looking more and more like the party with nothing to offer.

Anonymous said...

110 here:the fact that all you know is the false choice of CNN vs Fox (or Brietbart) proves how well you have been brainwashed. I did forget to mention though that YES my sentiments are applied to both sides of the aisle and both left/right media pundits. They are here to sell you ads, notninform you. Do yourselves a favor. Turn off the tv and these bogus sites. If you have an issue you care about, actually go find the facts from real sources; peer reviewed articles, actual government data and official reports, nonpartisan research groups. Then come back with an informed opinion.