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Monday, April 29, 2019

Wicomico Council Reviews Executive’s $148M Budget

SALISBURY – The county executive last week submitted his $148.5 million proposed operating budget for the coming fiscal year.

County Executive Bob Culver presented the Wicomico County Council with a proposed fiscal year 2020 operating budget of $148,541,879 last Friday.

“The primary focus of this budget is to effectively address Wicomico County’s core service needs: public safety and health, education and infrastructure,” he wrote in his budget message. “Recognizing that our citizens’ household and business finances are still under pressure, my proposed budget calls for no increase in either the real or personal property tax rates. However, the budget does address the most pressing needs in the aforementioned categories, continues my practice of providing efficient and cost-effective operation of our County departments and calls for reasonable utilization of our fund balance.”

In his budget message, Culver said revenues are expected to reach $145,022,554 – a 2.64% increase from the current fiscal year – and will fund recurring and non-recurring operating expenses, departmental capital investments and grants to outside agencies. He also proposed the use of $3,519,325 from general fund prior year revenue to pay for approved Capital Improvement Plan pay-go funding.



Anonymous said...

WHATS going on with Mardela Springs upgrades ? THUG BENNETT got $27 million for a new school and 90% white Mardela gets ?

Anonymous said...

Damn Jake Day and his council should take note!! A budget that actually calls for addressing the core needs of the county/city as a WHOLE!! NO frivolous festival or marathon or progressive BS social agendas

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for an explanation as why Wicomico needs $1,000,000 for eight Board of ed administrators' salaries, when home schooled kids get the same or better education with no $100,000+ bureaucrat.

Mr Bob

Anonymous said...

Why not close Mardela and save money. That school is a sh*thole.

Anonymous said...

I've heard MARDELA is one of the better schools in the County.Many parents requesting transfers to MARDELA OUT OF THE HOOD.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:09. How many rapes at MMHS this year? How many drug arrests? How many fights? Compare stats to JMB, Wi Hi, and Parkside and let’s see where the Sh!th0le is.

Anonymous said...

Mardela is without a doubt, the best high school in this county and more. Well behaved students, qualified teachers, and parents who care!Makes all the difference in the world with what begins at home. I would not send a child of mine to any of the Salisbury high schools if they never got any more than a 5th. grade education. The things they are learning in Salisbury high schools are not the things you want your children to learn. Goooo Mardela!!!! Keep up the good work, even if you do get the short end of the stick at every level.

Anonymous said...

12:11 You got a big part of it right as to why Mardela getS zip, nil and nada.