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Monday, April 29, 2019

Cartel Gunmen in Armored SUV Clash with Mexican Military near Border

Cartel gunmen used an armored SUV during a clash with Mexican military forces near the Texas border. The fierce gun battle killed one gunman while authorities managed to arrest four others. The rest of the hitmen managed to escape.

The shootout took place on Friday afternoon near the town of Vallecillo, Nuevo Leon, approximately 50 miles south of the border with Laredo, Texas. The scene of the gun battle is not far from a cartel incineration site discovered last year. The fighting began when a convoy of Mexican soldiers spotted four SUV’s and an armored truck known as a “monstruo” or “monster” leaving a business.



Anonymous said...

Closing the border is a stupid idea. Build the wall and expand the border entry points,search every car and truck if necessary but don't close the border.

Anonymous said...

@232 you are an idiot.

close the border, President Trump!

a REAL American 🇺🇸

Anonymous said...

Move the entry points to very remote area where we can control mobs better in a well-armed, limited-access entry that can be accomplished by secure corridors limited to one-person access.
If illegal aliens do not like the process - don't come.