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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Trump's budget calls for ending student loan forgiveness program

President Trump's 2020 budget proposal calls for eliminating a loan forgiveness program for public employees and advocates other changes that could cost struggling students more.

The budget blueprint released by the White House on Monday says "streamlining and improving student loan repayment" is a priority, but includes proposals cutting several current programs and initiatives. That includes an elimination of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, which was created under President George W. Bush in 2007. The program forgives student loans for workers in the government and some nonprofits after they make payments for 10 years.

Under Mr. Trump's proposal, the program would no longer apply to new student loans taken out after July 1, 2020, which the White House projects would save about $53 billion over nine years.

The president's budget also suggests for additional education cuts, including:



Anonymous said...

It's not really a loan if the borrower knows that it will be forgiven, is it?

Anonymous said...

So get a worthless degree at a worthless college where you can't even achieve game full employment and then stick it to the taxpayers?

How about you work off the debt by volunteering to build the wall?

Anonymous said...

Hell if we all knew they were going to be forgiven < We ALL

could have gone to college !!!! WOO WOO

Not fair or right to forgive ANY of them , since many of us
did not even get to go !!!!

Anonymous said...

Calm down.
The taxpayers only pay the interest on the National Debt to the Federal Reserve Bank, who owns the US Bonds. They buy them with money they type into accounts on a computer screen.

You and I will continue to pay as much as the government wants us to pay.
Because we fear the IRS thugs who are heavily armed and have the Judges working for them.
We know they will lock us up for not paying taxes.
That is why we pay it.

So don't worry about some poor snowflake's student loan being forgiven.
It isn't going to hurt you or me.
Not one penny.

Anonymous said...

He wants to also screw all of us seniors out of our social security, and Medicare. He has lost his mind, and needs to go. Don't F with seniors!

Anonymous said...

That's how loans work. If you take a loan from someone , you have to pay it back. Damn crybabies.