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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Ilhan Omar Violates House Bigotry Resolution She Helped Write, Denies Opponent’s Humanity

Anti-Semitic Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has already violated the broad anti-hate resolution recently passed by the House by claiming President Donald Trump is not human.

After Omar’s absurd anti-Semitic tweets and comments put a magnifying glass on the Democratic Party and its ties to anti-Semitic and anti-Israel activists, the party’s response was to draft an anti-bigotry resolution.

But instead of addressing Omar by name and focusing on anti-Semitism specifically, the House Foreign Affairs Committee drafted a resolution that condemned all forms of “bigotry” and “persecution.”

It’s hard to take the Democrats’ bill seriously after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vigorously defended Omar.

Omar’s position on the Foreigh Affairs Committee, where she could help write the resolution, doesn’t help.



Anonymous said...

All intelligent people are anti-Israel.

Semites are the Palestinian people.
Most of the Jews living in the Land are Ashkenazi (Ottoman) Jews.

The most powerful (rich) banking families of Europe are all Jewish and the Rothschild Family in fact helped found the state of Israel. They financed it. They were the receivers of the Balfour Declaration.

Anonymous said...

what do you expect from a moon worshiping satanist who hates lies and deceives. hopefully her goat loving arse is a one term loser

Anonymous said...

Racism is a 2 way street & the racist dumbocraps are the one's producing 90% of it. While pointing the finger at the laid back conservative's as being racist, without evidence, examples or any proof . They will always play the race card and create victim's for votes, that's all they can do for their own inept failure. In their minds it's always someone else's fault. The White Man. Lets not get along and divide this country Dumbocrapys!

Anonymous said...

You must keep in mind Omar's religion permits her to lie in order to advance Islam in any way possible and that is just what she has done to our Congress. She has made them afraid to condemn her actions simply because she is a Mulim, PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

She needs to be waterboarded at Gitmo.