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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

‘Zombie deer’ disease keeps spreading across country, hunters fear it could impact industry

STARKVILLE, Miss - At least 16 states have come up with new regulations to prevent hunters from transporting deer from areas where deer have tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease.

The Carolinas are among the states that have stricter guidelines. In North Carolina for example, hunters must follow the state's new packaging and processing regulations which require meat from deer to be cut off the bone and wrapped before being transported through the state.

The state also forbids hunters from transporting any part of a deer's spinal column. In South Carolina the state Department of Environment and Resources now requires hunters to label carcass parts with identifying information like the name and address of the individual importing the carcass parts; the state and/or country of origin; the date the deer was killed and the hunter's license or permit number. It’s all a part of an effort to prevent the spread of so-called “zombie-deer” and wipe it out of existence.



Anonymous said...

Of course it can, and of course it will... IT is all them chemicals and viruses they are dropping out of those chem trail planes... And while you morons demonize people who say that kind of stuff, think, did you ever have or ear about zombie deer until they started spraying that crap in the skies??? awful funny and coincidental don't you think??? And if it is not that, then this is a man made virus, disease or whatever... The whole point is to lower the food supply and resources, and that is what they are doing...

Anonymous said...

How do the chemicals dropping from the sky differentiate Republicans from democrats