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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Trump hints at the scandal about to blow

There is big news ahead, and President Trump teased it yesterday from Argentina via Twitter. Politics has become a game of narratives, something well understood by both President Trump and his enemies in the media-Democrat establishment. For more than two years, the professionals of the cultural and media establishment have worked assiduously to create an objectively false narrative, with no evidence whatsoever, that Vladimir Putin actually changed the count of votes to hand Trump the presidency, making his victory illegitimate. Most Democrats actually believe this now and have in earlier polls as well.

But as I keep reminding our readers, President Trump was the most successful reality television producer in the history of the medium, and he understands a story arc well, as events that can be programmed unfold. That must be kept in mind in understanding this enigmatic tweet that came from the president half a world away, in Argentina for meetings with the leaders of the 20 biggest economies in the world.



Anonymous said...

With that land to take over, there also needs to be stability and order. A people who strongly dislike the invaders will start rebellions and making the land ultimately useless. The reason for these wars, especially in the colonial age and pre napoleonic age was because of trade rights, resources, and diplomatic power. Not all of the wars fought were for land. I could probably say that the only wars fought for land was the wars fought in the colonies, until Napoleon came to the worlds stage. I suggest reading Carl Von Clauswitz “On War.” He goes into significant detail about this very subject

Anonymous said...

Arrest the Clinton's!

Anonymous said...

What about High School Dropout Carl Anderton?