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Thursday, December 06, 2018

James Shott: Hypersensitivity and Victimhood Have Risen to Epidemic Levels

Have you noticed how many of the things that laid quietly beneath our awareness for so long have now risen to crisis proportions? Have you noticed how sensitive, touchy, and judgmental people are today?

Things from the past that have no bearing on what’s happening today send people into spasms. They are demanding relief from things that really have no actual effect on them.

The South in the Civil War, for example, drives people to want to destroy important vestiges of American history because of something that happened more than 150 years ago.

One does not have to be a defender of slavery or the War Between the States to understand the importance of knowing and preserving history, even those parts of it that are not sources of pride or may in fact be sources of shame. As wonderful a place as it is, America has not always been, and is not now, without problems. But why destroy reminders of what actually happened in the past instead of protecting them and using them to learn?

This sensitivity for historical things has expanded to include things that once were mundane. Some of them were indeed negative, but we had learned to rise above them.


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Anonymous said...

Same as a 35 year old story of a supposed to have happened "Groping" by a drunk teenager!