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Thursday, December 06, 2018

French 'Yellow Vests' Reject Macron's Six-Month Tax Delay As Student Protests Intensify

Despite French President Emmanuel Macron letting his people "eat cake" with a six-month suspension of the government's new "climate change" fuel taxes, the so-called "Yellow Vest" movement which has been protesting throughout France for more than three weeks is still spitting mad.

"We didn't want a suspension, we want the past increase in the tax on fuels to be canceled immediately," said Yellow Vest organizer Benjamin Cauchy on BFM TV. "Suspending the tax to re-instate it in six months is taking the French people for a ride. French people aren't sparrows waiting for crumbs from the government."



Anonymous said...

Look at the mess. The street sweepers will be striking yet again.

Anonymous said...

The 'yellow vests' are smarter than Macron gives them credit for. They know that a 6 month delay was only meant to disperse them and send them home so that the government could retreat and regroup to have a better plan to keep them from protesting when the taxes are implemented later.
Good for them.

When is someone in the scientific community going to grow a pair and step up and say: PLEASE PROVE THAT THE EARTH IS WARMING BECAUSE OF HUMANS
Not that the Earth IS warming, but can we actually change it???
For several millennia, conventional wisdom has been proven wrong by a scientist or explorer with big cajones. Sun vs. Earth revolving, Earth was flat, evolution, etc. the list goes on.
No one disputes that the world is getting warmer. What IS disputed is the cause. But, governments like France, want to use the fictitious cause to tax more. Plain and simple. It's about control and revenue.

Anonymous said...

They need to get guns and make their voices heard! Violence in Paris is great! This proves that our President is right!

Anonymous said...

Yeah becasue the french are not as stupid as the Americans, who believe everything they are told from the lying media... Americans think if they protested something like this, and got the govt to "DELAY" for just a little while the tax hikes, they would think they had a victory becasue they are so god damn stupid, they don't even know what the word "DELAY" actually means and represents... Just like the bay bridge crap, the end goal of the govt was to have the toll hike to 10 bucks, but some people fought it, and the govt said OK you win we will only go as high as 8 bucks... Everyone rejoiced as if they did something great... What you did was, you all got hoodwinked by the govt as usual and you were to stupid to see it... They went from 2.50 to 8 bucks... It only reached 6 bucks by the time Hogan got in office and lowered it back to bucks... Outside of that, you all thought you did some good and had a victory over the govt, explain to me how???? When the toll went from 2.50 to 6 bucks, or even if you use 2.50 to 4 bucks the govt still got and increase and you all still have to pay it and foot the bill, so what did you win???? a smaller increase??? and increase is an increase, no matter how you look at it... The govt aims high, knowing some of you, a very very small few will, fight it, and if they lower it some, you will be docile, and forget everything but all the while the govt still got and increase it wanted...

Anonymous said...

New study just out and media is trying to bury it.
Most Democrats test 10 to 25 points lower than Republicans on IQ test!
Many just above idiot or Moron percentage.
It will be proven true after Jan. 7th. 2019 when they push for tax increases, defund the border wall, let everyone vote, ect.