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Thursday, December 06, 2018

A Viewer Writes: Criticize

Comment: The Politically Correct Institute of America has criticized Charlie Brown - classic and Rudolph - classic in which children can learn about friendship, sacrifice, and the importance of never giving up. But it is okay for Walmart to use Rick James song - Give it to baby. Give me that sweet funky stuff. Is he a role model that we would want children to follow or music we would want them to listen to?


Anonymous said...

If Charlie Brown were Black, he'd be attacked for being a perennial failure.

The story of Little Black Sambo comes to mind. Sambo was actually a hero, a child outwitting a dangerous threat in a parable that celebrates bravery, resourcefulness and persistence in the face of an unfair situation. What few people know is that the character wasn't African American, but Indian, and that the tiger was a literary substitute for British colonialism in India.

Anonymous said...

looking for Christmas at walmart? seriously?

Anonymous said...

It is sad when we wake up each morning and say to ourselves. How can i offend someone today? That is what it is starting to sound like. Just a bunch of pansies looking for something to bit#$ about. Too bad most of them aren't spending as much energy looking for a job or helping people.
I guess it doesn't matter whom they offend?