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Friday, December 07, 2018

Maryland woman flees car crash scene with cop clinging onto hood of her car

A Maryland woman trying to flee the scene of a car crash sped off at 80mph with a police officer clinging onto the windshield wipers on the hood of her car, holding on for dear life.

Mother-of-three Denai Holly, 25, was involved in a three-car crash along Interstate 270 in Rockville at 7.50am.

Off-duty Montgomery County Police officer Chris Jordan saw her silver Chevy Impala try to leave the scene by driving along the emergency shoulder by weaving in and out of traffic.

He cut off her car with his own vehicle and approached her on foot, but then she allegedly stepped on the accelerator, according to WJLA.

But she didn't make a clean getaway as off-duty Officer Chris Jordan jumped onto the hood of her car to avoid getting run over.



Anonymous said...

Let me guess, mother of three, 25, leaving the scene of an accident, first name Denai.

Anonymous said...

with seeing the officer on the hood of her car = thats then is attempted murder
Book her Dano

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me except he slammed on the brakes to throw me off then ran me over. Wonder if she will get 8 days in jail served on the weekends like the guy who did it to me.

Anonymous said...

Officier is an Idiot