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Friday, November 30, 2018

Stormy Daniels Says Michael Avenatti Went Rogue, Sued Trump Against Her Wishes

Two weeks after his arrest for allegedly abusing his girlfriend, Stormy Daniels says that Michael Avenatti sued Donald Trump against her wishes, according to a statement she gave to the Daily Beast on Wednesday.

Avenatti also launched a now-deleted legal defense fundraising site without her consent.

Daniels is now unsure if she will keep Avenatti on as her lawyer.

Here is her full statement, provided to The Daily Beast - with Avenatti's response below:



Anonymous said...

Didn't waste my time to read this crap. The dude did everything without her wishes and she doesn't know if she will keep him. Normal sane person would have already gotten rid of the bum. She has to have attention I guess.

Anonymous said...

And when this righteous porn queen was all over MSM, did anyone pity her?

#Believe Dirtbags

Anonymous said...

She is a legal whore - her word means nothing. Same can be said for Avenatti.

Anonymous said...

What is she trying to weasel out of? Her reimbursement to Trump for legal fees.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares.

Anonymous said...

What a poor excuse for a human being.