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Friday, November 30, 2018

Ex-manager says O.J. Simpson 'didn't act alone' in documentary

O.J. Simpson’s former manager, Norman Pardo, is making a documentary about the infamous murders — presenting the case that Simpson “didn’t act alone.”

Pardo — who describes himself as a friend of the NFL-great-turned-con, and worked with O.J. for nearly 20 years after his acquittal — has been developing the film for four years with co-executive producer Dylan Howard.

The series will be pitched next week to streaming services, cable and premium networks to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the homicides of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

“For the first time, the most thorough investigation into the murder ever conducted will be shared with America,” said Pardo, who claims to have more than 70 hours of video of Simpson that nobody has seen. “We have assembled a team of internationally renowned criminal investigators, experts and lawyers,” he said.



Anonymous said...

The case was a great distraction from the US war crimes of Bosnia-Herznogovia. Brilliant Hollywood production. The football player turned actor, OJ played a great character as a murderer of his blond wife and her gay friend. The glove scene was one of the most memorable scenes in recent movie history.

Can’t wait for this sequel.

I really liked how they scripted the wife to pretend to be a twin sister so she could keep living under a new name!

Anonymous said...

That's one I am not watching. He may have had help but he is guilty in my mind. Was charged with wrongful death by a lower court

Anonymous said...

Its no documentary, its a work of fiction.

Anonymous said...

His son

Anonymous said...

Why didn't he come forward as a witness for the prosecutor at the time of the trial? Let me guess too well paid off by friend then OJ, now wants to get $ for a book and maybe movie deal? Sounds like maybe he helped OJ in the murder.

Anonymous said...

I always said and still say his long time buddy that drove him around assisted in the murders. All the facts released points to two people.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:48 if you don’t like America get out coward