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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Socialist Crook Andrew Gillum Refuses to Concede - Gains Only One Vote From Recount!

Socialist crook Andrew Gillum refused to concede in the race for Governor in Florida after he only gained one vote from the recount Thursday.

Gillum’s opponent, Republican Ron DeSantis has maintained a lead of 0.41 percentage points which is over the threshold for a hand recount, reported The Hill.

The Sun Sentinel reported:

Nine days after Florida’s Election Day, the deadline for machine recounts of three statewide races came and went Thursday, but Andrew Gillum refused to concede and urged vote counting to continue even as his margin behind Ron DeSantis was slimmed by just one vote.

“A vote denied is justice denied — the State of Florida must count every legally cast vote,” Gillum said in a statement as the machine recount was completed in all but a few counties. “As today’s unofficial reports and recent court proceedings make clear, there are tens of thousands of votes that have yet to be counted. We plan to do all we can to ensure that every voice is heard in this process.’’

The Democrats will fight to steal Florida until the bitter end.



Anonymous said...

The Dems will be whining for the next two years (as if they ever stopped after 2016.)

Anonymous said...

Hillary part II

Anonymous said...

One problem dem's house is in fighting for control by both group's of dem's.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. Pop the popcorn - should be a great show to see who wins the Democratic nominee for 2020.