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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Virginia Dunkin' Donuts owner calls police on black customer for using free Wi-Fi without purchase

Video footage of a now-viral interaction between a black customer and a white store manager at a Virginia Dunkin’ Donuts has sparked outcry and heated debate online, after franchise owner Christina Cabral called police on patron Tirza Wilbon White for allegedly using the store’s Wi-Fi without making a purchase.

“I had just sat down when a woman I had never seen before walked up and asked, ‘Are you going to buy coffee?'” White told Yahoo Lifestyle of the Nov. 7 incident, which occurred at one of the Fairfax locations of the coffee and pastry chain. “I told her I planned on buying coffee after I got settled, but not if it were mandated.”

According to Yahoo, White then asked the woman, whom the outlet identifies as Cabral, if a white customer would be held to that same standard, prompting Cabral to say that White must make a purchase or leave.



Anonymous said...

Race baiter

Anonymous said...

Typical. They can't follow rules and when called out instead of taking responsibility they cry racism. If they had any morals they would be ashamed at how low as a race they have sunk.

Anonymous said...

just another entitled arse. it is her business and she is not running it for you to abuse and use her services for free. she pays to provider her customers the service not for everyone to arbitrarily use for free take up all the seats, use the facilities and never buy or tip anyone.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was racial. Race card seems to be used every opportunity. However, I do believe that the Manager wanted her to make a purchase if using their WI-Fi. Which probably is against HQs policy.

Anonymous said...

It's a business, not a hang-out spot. Most likely no one cared what color he is, but he sure flipped out the race card immediately! Getting sick of some people doing crap they know they shouldn't, then deflecting w/the race card.

Anonymous said...

Customers are people who patronize a business and make a purchase.

Returning customers have purchased previously.

WiFi users who are not customers are taking up space and freeloading.

Didn't click the link. Was the employee too quick with the question? Was the 'victim' a returning freeloader? It's poor manners to just hang out and freeload. Or she could just have gone to Sbucks; they now welcome non-customer freeloaders.