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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Democrats Steal Another Race: California Republican Young Kim Who Led by 3% After Election Is Suddenly Down 941 Votes

Another California Republican who led the election by 3% on Election Day is suddenly down by 941 votes more than a week after the election.

Young Kim was declared winner on Election Day.

Young Kim was poised to be the first female Korean US House representative in history.
But Democrats stole her race too.

Democrats have stolen EVERY HOUSE race in California since election day.
All of the tight races were led by Republicans on Election Day.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Democrats are infamous for manufacturing votes.

Anonymous said...

DEMS are Professionals at stealing votes...yes; you betcha.

Anonymous said...

Any votes not counted by 24 hours after the polls close should not count. Here we are almost 2 weeks after election day, and they are still counting/ manufacturing ballots????

Anonymous said...

And I guarantee the Republicans are going to let them steal the election.

Remember when Chuck Cook and the Democrats stole the Mayor's election from Joe Albero and Republicans did nothing. Nothing has changed.