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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Florida Counties Ditch Recount Results As Numbers Favor Republicans

Two counties in Florida did not submit the results of the election recount in the required time frame, which would have otherwise increased the Republican candidates’ leads over their Democrat challengers, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Both Broward and Hillsborough Counties failed to meet Thursday’s deadline to submit the tallies from the machine recounts and instead ended up submitting the unofficial vote count reported on Saturday, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The recount would have ultimately increased the margin for both Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Rep. Ron DeSantis’s races by a couple hundred votes.



Anonymous said...

Call me slow but I am having a difficult time keeping up with where Florida stands on voter recount. Someone needs to take responsibility for all the screw ups.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what happened Gov Scott increased his lead. But don't dare say they did this on purpose. Snipes is black and she will be hollering racism if you dare to question her motives. This is how they roll. Being honest is not something they value.

Anonymous said...

For the 2020 election, we should bring in impartial observers from say, Japan or S. Korea.

Anonymous said...

Every time these corrupt dumbocrats (redundant) demand recounts when they loose, under scrutiny the recount seems to go Republican.

Seems that they cheat and steal until they are closely watched and then they loose.

Dumbocrats are scum! Liars cheaters and thieves!