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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Red Wave

This would be an example of why an electoral college is so important during presidential races.
This is the map for the House of Representatives election and the number of representatives for each state.
This will be important in the 2020 elections.
Looks like a red wave to me.

Don't let the MSM fool you.


Anonymous said...

Funny how the blue matches up with the undocumented immigrant maps of the US. Google it and be amazed

Anonymous said...

Someone with more talent than I should overlay the map with map showing areas with violent crime rates.

Anonymous said...

why not treat this like a slice of bread an just tear the crust off our country

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you Republicans sure have all those empty expanses of land locked up! Good for you! Meanwhile, Democrats win over 4 million more actual human voters in the House alone, not to mention 13 million more for the Senate

Anonymous said...

You are confusing land mass with population areas.

See those blue areas?

That is where the majority of the American population is. Where the majority of Americans are.

This map is VERY deceiving.