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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Maryland: Cops Shoot Man to Death In His Home For Resisting Gun Confiscation

Americans who oppose this lunacy need to get out and vote GOP today like their lives depend on it

Police in the Democrat haven of Maryland shot and killed a man in his home on Monday while serving a “protective order” under a new law which allows them to seize people’s guns without due process.

Since the new gun confiscation law went into effect on October 1st, police have carried out 19 such confiscation orders, which comes out to around one such seizure every other day.

From The Baltimore Sun:


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the "Free State"

Anonymous said...

Would you please inform and educate this one reader on this law. First time I have heard of it.

Anonymous said...

was he notified of the hearing for the order?
did he have a chance to defend himself?

does the Constitution even matter in maryland anymore?

Anonymous said...

This has to be a violation of the Constitution. I was unaware of this law.

After reading what it is, I understand why and what it is trying to do... but there is still no way that this jives with the 2nd amendment.

You can simply be reported for owning "a lot of guns" and a judge can rule to take them away.

No real reason, no numbers set.. just an arbitrary decision.

The 2nd amendment does not say that there is a limit to how many fire arms citizens may own.

The hope is that laws like this can protect people from themselves and hurting others... I get it. Everyone wants to find a way to stop the next possible school or work shooter.

I just don't know if this is it.

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Welcome to the Communist Peoples Republic of Maryland. Where just saying or even thinking about guns is wrong, illegal, criminal, behavior that must be stopped and prevented at all cost. Liberal lunacy at its best. How utterly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Thank Hogan for doing NOTHING about it.

Anonymous said...

Just move 50% to a different location. Should do that anyway.

Anonymous said...

O.m.g. This is so messed up!!! 1984 isn't just a book for crazies anymore. We were correct!!!

lmclain said...

Why hasn't anyone emptied a 30 round clip through the front door yet?? Or through a second story window???

Don't they have dogs to let them know visitors are hanging around outside in the dark???

Dressed in all black, wearing masks, and armed to the teeth??

I would be thinking they are a gang getting ready to bum-rush my house.
My reaction (and rightly so) would be a fusillade of high penetration ammo and a whole lot of gang members bleeding out and screaming for help.
My next 30 round clip should convince them to back the hell up.
No charges? No trial? Confiscation of legal property based on someone's STATEMENT? You want to take something from me (and anyone else you want, too) that I LEGALLY own, by force?
I got some force, too.
My dogs wouldn't let you get within 20 yards before they started going berserk.
That's all the warning I need.
YOUR warning would be, well, there would be no warning for you.
Not all Americans live on their knees waiting for the latest orders from the Gestapo and not everyone cheers the total decimation of our rights and our power as the real bosses of this land.
People with no criminal or civil record are subjected to a military assault with deadly intent?? With no charges or trial??
You lemmings and your enforcers have lost your minds if you think that's somehow, in any way whatsoever, right, or justifiable, in this country.
Of course, that's my opinion. But people like Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Madison, and a host of other people agree with me. Ever heard of the Tree of Liberty? I didn't think so....
Send the single guys to the door first.
I can't believe this kind of sh*t is actually happening.
What kind of people have we become???
I mean, other than weak-kneed, cowering, subservient, and submissive?
No cheering allowed on this topic.

Anonymous said...

I thanked hogan Tuesday

Anonymous said...

Invest in lead